Every Russian likes to have a strong hatching bath. And in fact, if a Russian has a bath, it must be strongly heated. And if he is getting himself sauna it should be heated to not less than 120°C. Russian temperament has influenced the way we now build sauna; we just have to keep in mind that Russian expects much more from sauna, than the European, American and even Finn. In Russian sauna, all is based on a single idea – to get a perfect steam, which would be beneficial to health. Russians like extreme conditions, so the temperature in the bath can be very high (more than 120°C). Comfortable design, wood selection, proper ventilation and constant air circulation in bath is necessary for the body to recover from the shock experienced when having a bath. You should know that the shock is not the state from which the person immediately falls and dies. Shock – is the body’s reaction to the high temperature at which all the organs are working on a loaded mode. If this is rear, it can be useful: adrenaline is released, the protective mechanisms are activated, the immune system is strengthened, and the body is cleaned. That is why there are no trivial things when building a Russian sauna. Every detail is important to implement the main idea of sauna – the maximum heating without harmful consequences. A lot of people think that the broom procedure is useful only for healthy people, and for those with a weak heart, it is not suitable. We believe that this is completely untrue. You can relax at a very low temperature and strain a human heart so that he will feel bad and vice versa. Some time spent in a Russian sauna is useful for many patients with heart diseases.