Why do Finns go to sauna? Because this is an old custom and people are habituated to it since childhood. Sauna is cleanliness, health, peace of mind, emotional charge, and other pleasures. Cleanliness Since ancient times, it was possible to visit sauna once a week, if necessary more often. In modern houses there is a substitute for sauna – bath tub, a shower, but sauna is still considered to be necessary in bathrooms. The procedures in broom rooms and water procedures – cleans the skin better than you can imagine. Health An old Finnish proverb tells “if sauna, vodka and resin doesn’t help, the disease is fatal”, does not mean that everything must be used simultaneously. People were going to sauna when they felt the need to restore tired joints and muscles. Peace of mind The Finnish writer F.E. Silanpia tells how he went to his parents to rest after a long period of creative work, tired and in a bad mood. The very first night, being in a warm bath in silence, he felt a gradually disappearing oppression. After the bath he rebuilt the inner balance. Shortly afterwards he could write again.